About Us

We’re driven

Need a partner to roll out your communication strategy, look no further. We’ll deliver intelligent solutions that meet your communications needs and achieve your brand objectives

Z-Aksys Solutions specialises in delivering creative, innovative solutions across different media. We assist our clients in defining their communication strategy and help them implement it effectively.

Z-Aksys takes a mixed-media approach to everything we do, so that our clients benefit from an integrated communications roll-out that is consistent in its content logic.

Whether it's print or online, we'll make sure that there are opportunities to introduce and incorporate rich media – images, videos, 3D clips and animations – seamlessly.

Starting in the digital domain, we deliver multi-channel solutions that combine user insight, technology and imagination. We also develop custom software applications that simplify and streamline data acquisition and storage.

We’re driven

Our offerings include:

  • Digital strategy – websites, eZines, intranets, presentations, user interfaces
  • Content strategy and planning
  • Print strategy and design – magazines, brochures, posters
  • 3D animation and modelling
  • Creating brand identity – logos, usage and content guidelines
  • Customised software

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The team

The Team

We do a lot and we do it well. Each member of the Z-Team has been handpicked for their expertise, experience and passion. Led by Anil Keswani, a communications veteran, we have artists and graphic designers, content specialists, software engineers and client servicing execs all in-house. We encourage innovation by equipping our people with the latest technology, and giving them the freedom they need to work their magic. That is our way of making sure we deliver high-quality, high-performance solutions every time.

Overseas project development

Overseas project development

We undertake and deliver digital projects from around the globe, bringing them to life from our offices in Mumbai, India. While working with our offshore clients, we make sure that timezone doesn't affect our productivity. Prompt and effective communication coupled with on-time execution ensures that we deliver a quality product at a very cost-effective rate. Besides one single-point-of-contact, we also have a ticket system to track client queries. So, while we may be far from your location, we're really only a click away.

The process

Whether it’s a website, magazine or software module, our process begins with a comprehensive need analysis and media audit to understand WHY the solution is being developed. We then move on to a trend study and benchmarking, making sure we know WHAT we are up against. Then begins the strategising for HOW we can deliver a product that goes beyond expectations.

The end product is one created after careful deliberation and analysis, striking a balance between usability and creativity.