360° solutions

Deliver your brand message by driving the conversation consistently
across channels. This is where our digital offerings come in

We pride ourselves on delivering 360-degree solutions that engage with audiences in an integrated, efficient way. Once the goal is defined we help you design a digital strategy that will achieve the goal quicker and more effectively by customising the strategy for a better fit.

Our services cover just about all things digital:

  • Websites and intranets
  • eZines
  • Mobile and touchscreen applications
  • Search engine optimisation and marketing
  • Social networking and social media
  • Online campaign management


Website 360° solutions

Presence today is web presence. No website means you are invisible to thousands, nay, millions of potential customers. Websites are the first halt for any individual or company seeking information about you. And how that information is crafted, presented, and delivered makes the last impression, or a lasting one.

That is why it is critical to choose a digital partner who not only knows technology, but has a strategic view of web communication, and basic human nature.

ZSPL (Z-Aksys Solutions Pvt. Ltd) understands how people navigate the web, perceive the many sites they visit, process and collate information, and eventually form opinions of the brand. We can help you build your website right from developing site architecture and coding to design and content to eventual launch.

We also service existing websites, partnering your team on keeping your content and technology up-to-date, search engine optimised and looking its best.


Periodic updates, changes to content, redesign, rebranding, micro sites, marketing-oriented campaigns, ad management, data accuracy, reporting financials and projections – it may seem like you need an entire department just to manage these communication deliverables. That department, for your convenience, can be ZSPL. Our annualised website maintenance arrangements take care of all the nitty-gritty involved in keeping your online information up to date, accurate, and accessible.


How high do you rank on Google or Bing? Does it matter whether you are the first listing, or the second? If it does, then how does it affect your business? Half the planet turns to search engines for answers. Do they find you there when they look for the services you provide or products you create? We understand the importance of optimising content for search engines so that your target audience finds you. Our SEO services ensure searchers find you when they need to, and your web presence takes over from there.


Doing things is important. Knowing the impact of what you are doing, even more so. Analysing online data, web searches, marketing campaigns, traffic generation, goal conversion – is all a part of our everyday routine. ZSPL web analytics solutions help you map the effectiveness of your online presence, social media, marketing campaigns, and much more. We know the importance of your investments, which is why we provide statistically solid data – delivered right to your Inbox!

The world’s internet population is over 2.4 billion, with more than 1.5 billion on smartphones. Are you making the most of the WWW? We can help!

Social Media

Social Media

FaceBook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Pinterest. Four words and four approaches to one single, all-pervading activity of the human race—interaction. Our expertise stems from our strength in communications strategy, bound together with an unparalleled understanding and experience of delivering brands online. We communicate the right things at the right time, to the right audience – dialogue management is our forte.



ZSPL Intranet solutions ensure that every single employee, vendor and contractor has access to the information you want to disseminate within the organisation, about vision, strategy, results, people movement, pillars of the organisation, or any other area of engagement that you see fit. Be it a quiz, or a message from the CEO, our Intranet ensures company-wide access and delivery of the message.

Digital magazines

As print media slowly gives way is to digital media, eZines are the ideal solution to make a seamless transition. Our eZines allow real-time delivery, online interactivity (galleries and games), and immediate updates... and just about anything else you can imagine.



The 18th century saw the rise of print media. The 21st century however is looking at booming media channels everywhere you look. Audio, video, interactive applications, infographics, tweets, FB posts, 3D walkthroughs – you name it, we do it.